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"The apartments are amazing so far. We moved in couple days ago and love all the amenities here. Would definitely recommend this apartment complex!"
"There are a lot of problems that management hasn’t taken care of. There’s dog waste all over the place, the gym is dirty, the gates never work and no type of security."
"It’s been a great time! I really enjoy the amount of space and finishes used in the apartment. I also love that the location is up and coming. The location should be really really great in the next few months."
"This apartment complex is priced well and does a good job at treating residents well. I am renewing my lease for another year because of my experience here."
"It’s been a very easy move in process. I love it so far. However, There was a car break in near my apartment building , it’s unfortunate stuff like that happens in a “luxury” apartment complex. Besides that I enjoy it here, it still feels very safe taking my dog for walks."
"So far it’s been great to live here the commute to work is super easy to do and everything is super new. The staff is super helpful and nice as well."
"Great living space, affordable, and great design. I highly suggest living here and even referred a few of my colleagues! The staff is extremely nice"
"The Alexan Exchange makes me feel safe and comfortable. Everyone is super nice and the units feel so much bigger than they are. I love living here."
"Alexan Exchange offers a great combination of apartment quality, high-end onsite amenities, premier location, and affordability. Very pleased with the experience here at Alexan!"
"I have no complaints except The walls are thin but the community is beautiful. The pool with the grills and the big balconies are every renters dreams."
"I love watching out for the residents and the family for safety in our community ❤️ Making sure that we take care of each other. Also the gate needs to be monitored due to excessive entry of others that may not be a resident, this will help with families knowing their Nebighor."
"The complex is a great space. However, quality has lessen as there have been more than one incident of car vandalism on several cars in the lot. Alexan Exchange must implement better security measures to ensure the safety of the residents and our belonings."
"Enjoy the relaxed feel. Noise is decent for the amount of people. Love the gym but needs a decline bench :) The apartments are very bright and clean."
"So far everything has been great. Michael is so helpful and attentive. My husband and I like the cleanliness of the building, the amenities, and the quietness during the night."
"Great community, very nice amenities, convenient to retail and grocery stores. Decent school district. Convenient to I45, 99, Beltway 8 and toll roads."
"I have loved my time at the Alexan! Clean spaces, beautiful units, quiet neighbors, and responsive maintenance teams. What you see is what you get"
"I absolutely love the peaceful environment and cleanliness of the complex. Shout out to the workers that keep the property clean. I think the hallways should be blown out with a blower so small trash won't accumulate bu door corners and in the hallway Danielle"
"Alexan Exchange is a great place to live. The staff is friendly and helpful at all time. When something need done they are very quick about getting it done. The area is clean and everything is kept clean and updated."
"Amazing interior Superb social lounge Courteous maintenance staff Easy access to management Great events However needs to work on cleanliness.Society is untidy.especially the corridors outside apartments"
"Great place to live for the money. The amenities are nice and the community seems safe. The new construction is beautiful and is nothing like other places in the area. Looking forward to staying here."
"Great place to live I enjoy the atmosphere and the amenities Alexan Exchange offers. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a great place."
"I love my apartment! It’s upgraded and just the right amount of space for my dog and I. The pools are amazing and all the amenities really boost my experience here. Maintenance always fulfills my requests in a timely manner and the management is great!"
"Good communication with staff Not happy with cleanliness Maintenance staff is awesome Noise reduction is poor Events organized are saviour Looking forward to enjoy"
"Micheal and Matthew, where would our property be without you two. From the cleanliness, prompt attention to concerns to community engagement activities, your hard work does not go unnoticed. Overall, the community is quiet and the tenants are cordial; however, I wish there were stricter rules enforced for unleashed dogs as well as onsite security from 8pm until 8am"
"Apartment community is in a decent location. The buildings are clean, trash picked up in a timely manner. Spacious extracurricular outdoor and indoor activities."
"Love the events they put on, would like to get back to that and gym open 24/7 as soon as possible. The people here are awesome, maintenance is quick and staff is friendly"
"The amenities and staff are great but the dog park needs to be repaired a bit and there is very little noise insulation between floors. You can hear your upstairs neighbors take every step and shutting doors. An elevator for 2nd and 3rd story residents moving in would be a HUGE improvement."
"Alexan exchange is great! A great community and living space. And the team is amazing, very fast and very supportive when you need them. I would definitely recommend to a family or friend."
"The location of the complex is great, specially with all the stores that are getting built around here. I also think is really quiet and clean."
"My experience at Alexan Exchange has been amazing!! The staff is great and friendly. I love how professional they are! They best place I have lived!"
"I have enjoyed my time here. I love the interior of the apartment complex and aesthetics. The amenities are great and I use them much. A dog community - noisy sometimes during the day, for remote workers, and walls are a bit thin. Another thing I wish was better were the appliances - laundry and dishwashing is extremely loud / long and does not seem to work the best."
"Amazing apartments!!!! Love everything about it. Will definitely be renewing my lease with Alexan Exchange. The staff is awesome they are so helpful with any needs you have."
"Love Everything About Alexan Exchange! I Enjoy That Everyone Is Very Active In The Community, The Gym Is Killer And It’s My Favorite Place To Be And Everyone Is Super Friendly"
"The staff are friendly ! Michael has been very helpful. I love my apartment. It’s super spacious and the kitchen with built in desk is my favorite"
"Excellent staff, units, location, amenities, and luxury living experience. We have been living here for over a year now and have greatly enjoyed our experience."
"Great property with modern finishes plenty of places to have social distancing but enjoying the outdoors. New places opening up for dining. Well kept grounds, attentive staff and lockers for packages!"
"So far I've enjoyed my stay at Alexan Exchange. Still a quiet community. The only thing I wished was different is all handicap sticker vehicles should have covered parking."
"We love our apartment, especially when we first moved in. While it is still great, one downside is definitely the parking. If it’s past 9:00pm it’s almost impossible to find a parking space by our building."
"Overall, I enjoy it here. I’ve lately begun to notice a little more noise but it’s tolerable. The amenities are really nice and I’m looking forward to it warming up so we can enjoy the pool again."
"I absolutely love all of the ammenities. The complex is beautiful and well kept. The only thing is all the big 18wheelers parked on my Spring Plaza."
"The entire process from start to finish was awesome!!!! The community is beautiful and the staff are amazing. I’m going to love living here."
"I have enjoyed my first year here. I go back and forth between Canada and here for work and its nice coming back and having a nice gym and pool area to enjoy."
"The apartments are great! The amenities are great and the style of the units are sleek and modern! Units are well taken care of and the management team is helpful and knowledgeable. Great experience here so far!"
"Great place ! Everything you need for a great living experience. The staff is always ready to help when needed.I feel like I’m living at a resort. Everything is right there . It is a friendly and clean place .The two pools are great along with the workout center. It’s everything you need to have a great living experience."
"Great complex to live. The staff is friendly and professional, providing ample amenities and great service. The living space is perfect for me and I have been able to work from home with no issues"
"Great place to live in a convenient location ! There’s anything from axe throwing to nature trails in the area. Nice amenities too! Wish there was more resident events :)"
""a great place to call "home". The entire staff always greet you with a smile and are very helpful to our needs, and are quick to attend to any problems that arise . The grounds and facilities are kept clean every day by friendly courteous workers. The workout rooms are open for longer duration and the pool area is lovely."
"Mostly everything is great. The only things I can complain about is the water pressure in the shower isn’t very strong at all, there’s many times we smell weed or other drugs when walking down the hall."
"We love our community and management team! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. We hope to be able to renew when it is time if our tent is not increased by a lot."
"Alexan Exchange is a great place to live but there are some things that could be improved. They should really enforce cleaning up after pets because there is dog poop all over the place."
"We just moved in and it’s been great so far. Management was super helpful with getting use the exact apartment we wanted and we’re happy with everything so far! The amenities here are top notch and everything seems nicely taken care of."
"Its been amazing living here.Maintenance staff is super helpful.The society is quite clean.Feels safe being here.The events been really great during quarantine."
"Everything is so clean so far. I love the gym. It is kept clean. The office staff is extremely welcoming every time that I speak with them."
"Alexan Exchange is a wonderful place to live. The staff is always friendly and helpful, the pools are stunning, the apartments are luxurious, everyone in the community is friendly, and we have made so many friends at the dog park. I would highly recommend living at Alexan Exchange!"
"We love our new home. The view from the balcony sold us. We did look at other communities but this was the property we felt most at home. Thank you to Maria and the staff at Alexan Exchange."
"I really like the apartment complex and everything about it. The administration is really nice. I love to pool, gym, lounging area and I would probably re-sign the lease"
"The staff is very attentive and the facilities are always clean. Every issue I have brought up has been fixed or given attention to-nothing gets pushed aside."
"Very nice community and neighbors. Great location and convenient to many stores. Complex is kept up and quiet. Have enjoyed my stay so for."
"Good place to be. Happy to live here! We have friends in two separate apartments in the same building and we're having a blast keeping each other company and enjoying the premises."
"Everyone here is super friendly - honestly, amazing community here. Meeting more and more of me y neighbors every week. Everyone has a dog! Which staff would do more mini events like they used to - and open up the gym to 24 hours again"
"The apartments are nice but you can hear everything from the outside. Dogs bark all night. People play loud music. The gates are always broken"
"Staff and maintenance are excellent. The quality of the interior could be improved especially the walls. I can hear my neighbors talking at night and in the morning"
"Love living here. It's quite and spacious. I love the area around the apartment, there is always something to do and fun places to explore around town."
"So far I've found the staff and maintenence very friendly. Grounds are beautiful. Am hoping for some community events to meet people as I'm new in the area"
"It’s been okay except for the next door neighbors being a little too loud at night. The community overall is fine, people are friendly and the amenities are kept up with"
"Nice community. The great amenities are plentiful. The area is an up and coming location! Geographically very ideal with quick access to the freeway and other main streets in the area."
"Very clean friendly place to stay comfortable helpful customer service very secure place so far very good experience to live here every person I know is very respectful quite place"
"Everything and everyone have been so nice! This community really gives off a family vibe. I love it here! I will be referring anyone I know that are in the process of looking for a luxury life!"
"I have enjoyed living here so far. I love the light colors and finishes. The gym is great. And overall the community is quiet. I do find the dogs barking outdoors to be loud because of the echo between the building. One other thing is the storage in the home is very limited and think that some of the layouts, especially in kitchen could have been made for more utility or cabinet storage. Overall, this is a pleasant place to live though."
"Amazing apartments I love them!!! They shire know how to keep the area clean the staff is amazing I made the right choice of picking Alexan Exchange as my next home"
"It is a really nice place to be. My daughter and I have been here for almost 4 months and enjoy the atmosphere. The office staff is very friendly and knows people by name."
"Just over all a great place to live in. A bunch of places around the complex you can eat or order food from. Super convenient for everyone. Love the cleanliness!"
"It’s been great. Very easy to move in and the customer service has been amazing. Michael has been fantastic constantly answering calls and anything generally needed."
"I just moved in, and so far everybody seems really nice and helpful. The property is very beautiful and so is my apartment. I’m excited about my stay here."
"Great community, convenient location, lovely amenities, and friendly staff - gotta love it! Resident events help make you feel right at home :)"
"Wonderful place to live and Im enjoying the amenities. Hardly any noise and the staff is very helpful when needed. The pool area has 4 BBQ stations and we enjoy the BBQ on the weekends."
"Not very happy with this apartment complex. The dog park is always muddy. There aren’t enough dog waste cans around the complex. There’s dog poop everywhere (even on the sidewalks). As the complex has filled up, finding parking has become an Olympic sport. Would not recommend."
"The apartment needs new management. The manager is very rude and the bug infestation problem is out of control. I cant even leave my apartment without having spiders and bugs in every corner."
"I have enjoyed living here. Only issues I’ve encountered are the gate staying open for multiple days due to being broke, cars being vandalized and people smoking even though it’s a non smoking complex. I feel more could be done to help with our safety. Overall it’s a great complex."
"Love the community and amenities. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a safe and fun community"
"Very nice community and Michael has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process! Super cute apartments and love the dog park and convenience."
"It has been a very positive experience living in this community. It's clean, safe and quiet. I recommend it anyone looking for an apartment that feels like home. Resident events are add ons.Take a look. You won't be disappointed"
"Really like our community. It’s in a great location. The staff is nice. From the moment we got here, it felt like we were home. The surrounding community is warm and welcoming and growing in front of our eyes."
"It’s an awesome community! The neighbors are very friendly and do their part to keep everything clean. I would definitely recommend to others!"
"I love Alexan Exchange! They are on top of everything. It is a great community. They are always making everything great. If something needs fixed it is always done right away."
"A loyal staff...Period!!!!!For me, it's always about My Sir Wynston anyway...So, if he's happy, mommy is happy!!!🤣🤣🤣🐶🐕🦮🐕‍🦺🐩 Love this community!! Thank you for ALWAYS taking great care of us!!!!❤"
"Alexan exchange community is beautiful the office staff is the best part about living here they work with you on anything and any problem they are always there to listen"
"Great Apartment. Great neighborhood. Great area close to different grocery stores. If you shop at Kroger , it's right across the street like how convenient is that . Quiet environment. Staffs at the leasing office are the best ."
"So far, Ive had a great experience living here. Everyone is really nice and the management team is very helpful. The only thing that needs a little improvement is the gym, it could be cleaner and they should make sure that there are wipes available especially during this times."
"Great neighbors, great staff and great location! However poor being stolen from society.pools are not clean.The couches/sofa kept at open lounge area is always dusty"
"This place is gorgeous and quiet. We love the amenities and the pools are always crystal clear. I would definitely recommend to friends and family. The staff are always glad to help with any questions we might have"
"I have been so happy here at Alexan. The Amenities are so nice. I have been using the gym and the pool regularly and they are both clean and never crowded. The apartment units is so nice and quiet and I love the balcony."
"I love the convenience and cleanliness of the place. The pool is amazing, and the gym is a godsend during this time. I’m so happy to have found Alexan Exchange"
"Excellent place to live, maria ayala help us a lot, my dog luna love the dog park, and we love the amenities. It’s quite place, the neigborhs are aqesome people,"
"Everything is so clean so far. I love that the maintenance requests are answered so quickly. The office staff is extremely welcoming every time that I speak with them."
"Liked the quiet gated community. Staff was very friendly. Apartments were nice. Anytime I had a problem it was fixed in a timely manner. Anytime I had feed back I felt i was listened to."
"The community is nice and the people are great. Management is the best I ever had since moving into an apartment. Maria and Michael are always going the extra mile to make sure our needs are met."
"It has been nice so far this year, despite some incidents in the parking lot. There is no so much activity due to COVID but it is ok. I would like to have a coffee station accessible to residents in the common area somewhere."
"After a year of residing here, I cant wait to move. Brand new luxury apartments that has transitioned into the ghetto. Cars are continuously being vandalized and the management company refuses to hire a security; yet, they have a guard patrolling the pool area during office hours. The outer appearance is pleasing, the amnesties as well; however we can’t enjoy them due to management absorbed rules. This property is too expensive to not enjoy living here. Ernesto is the worse! He’s the property manager and is arrogant as can be. Although Miesha, Matthew, and Micheal are great at their job, they have no power as it lies in management. Don’t move here if you are a professional; you’d hate it. When they first opened, professional tenants residents resides here, but due to having a lot of apartments vacate, during the pandemic they had a “covid” special and now, any and everyone lives here and it’s just not safe. I wouldn’t recommend this property to anyone!! RUN!"
"I've enjoyed staying here so far. Its very comfortable. I enjoy the amenities and its convenient to many surrounding things. I also like how quiet and clean the apartment is. I don't mind ever having company."
"I love the apartment. But it would be great if someone offered to help residents bring big packages up to our apartments. It is very difficult going up stairs with a huge package"
"Love it here staff is friendly and the pool is amazing . the work out room is huge and tons of stuff to do. There is no noise from the high way only plans from time to time."
"Love it here! The prices are amazing the people are great so much to do while living here. The application process was easy, they really work with you,"
"I’m Very content ! The way I have been treated since the get go, from start to move in date / like family. It’s a great feeling. Thanks for everything guys."
"The experience have been wonderful love my place it amazing the gym I could work out with no problems the pool is amazing too the staff in the office are wonderful!!"
"There are loud people moving in. There needs to be more security. My gate never worked. I had to call several time to get updates on my application"
"We love it. Misha and Michael are always helpful and always pleasant. We valet trash is the best and everyone around the complex are very friendly."
"These apartments are so great! Very modern and up-to-date! The gym and pool are my favorite amenities! The gym has great equipment! It’s great to not have to leave the complex to workout!"
"So far so good. Move-in was very smooth. Micheal Pam is an awesome leasing agent and helped me through the process. He has a lot of patience. Also, The customer service here is untouchable. Shout out to Miesha for her excellent service as well. I’m happy."
"Great. Staff is very helpful, the complex is beautiful, and the amenities are top notch. Very easy to use the grills, the gym is well equipped, and the pool has plenty of seating."
"It’s been good so far, there’s a few issues here and there with bugs and trash but it’s bearable. Location is great and very convenient. Management could do a little better with communication also"
"Location is always clean, management is friendly and responsive. I would highly recommend it, it's like living at a fancy timeshare with all the amenities."
"Great appliances within the apartment. The management has been very helpful in terms of completing our requests in a timely fashion. Also, a good community with good people."
"Everything outdoor indoor is clear , neat , tidy , new and good . The place is quiet and safety . The view is cool and everyone is nice too. I love this place!"
"Clean buildingS, safe environment to have our son live in as he goes to college. The staff has been great to work with. They have gone out of their way to meet all of our needs."
"Hey! Although my stay here at Alexan Exchange has only been for a few days now I can already tell I am going to love it here! From the application process to move in day Meisha, Michael and Ernesto have been very pleasant to work with and were very clear with any questions that I had. I look forward to living in this amazing community! Thank you, Joe B."
"Alexan Exchange is a well-rounded apartment complex. The location is superb. The amenities are plentiful. The ocassional events such as Food Truck days are great."
"Front office is amazing. Tenants are nice. Did a great job during pandemic keeping residents up to date. Great location and lots of great eats close."
"I love the complex and the amenities, especially the pool . Neighbors are approachable and polite, which is a plus. The leasing staff is very pleasant and helpful."
"Received nothing but the smoothest move-in/leasing experience. Literally every single member of the leasing office is knowledge and would assist me if I had any questions. They also keep the complex so nice for their residents. Good management is hard to come by these days. My pup and I LOVE living here 😊"
"We have loved living here the past few days! If it were not for thin walls and small bugs in our apartment, I’d have given it 5 stars. We love our friendly community here!"
"Neighbors were really friendly - hoping for community events to get to know them better! Staff has been really sweet and have made a great first impression"
"Love the new place!! So clean everyone is so friendly definitely made the right choice on picking my next apartment. Also the staff was very helpful and respectful"
"I've been here since the end of April 2020, so far I've enjoyed every minute. Community is quiet, clean. I've also have observed that doing this pandemic everyone is respecting social distancing."
"Complex is great. Amenities are nice when they are open. The limited hours are very frustrating for people working 9-5 jobs. Leasing team is not helpful and never returns emails or calls. Especially Ernesto."
"I haven’t been here long but so far, so good. The front office staff is extremely nice and very helpful. The apartment complex is in a great location and ease of access to stores and the freeway will make life easier!"
"I love the amenities Alexan's exchange offers. I love my apartment The office staff is very friendly ...... Everything here is Amazing!!!!!!"
"Management is welcoming and kind. Maintenance staff have been nothing short of friendly and polite plus very helpful in a timely manner. The minor issues we've had have been fixed very quickly and properly. The only issues we've had are a noisy neighbor above us and a bit of a pest problem, but this didn't begin until COVID prevented the specialists from coming in to spray regularly, so I can't blame the complex. Amenities are well worth it, and trash pickup is great to have. All in all, we are very happy here!"
"Love the open floor plans and modern features of the Alexan Exchange Apartments. The staff is super friendly and responds quickly and professionally."
"This place is quiet spacious. I am very pleased with our experience at Alexan Exchange.It was a very smooth move in process and the staff has made us feel very welcomed. The staff is very friendly here and the apartments are immaculate. I would definitely recommend these apartments."
"Speedy, responsive and caring! The team followed up on all questions and concerns. Hours of office availability are awesome for 9-5 employees"
"We love living in Alexan Exchange!!! Best decision we could have made 10/10 recommend. It’s so peaceful and the vibes are just right! Hopefully we’ll stay this happy!"
"Love living here! Staff and management are super nice and helpful. Amenities are awesome and always clean. Even with the pandemic, the staff work hard to make sure we have a great experience living here!"
"I enjoy living here. The facilities are clean and the people are friendly. Maintenance always answer in a timely manner and take care of emergencies very quickly."
"The place is wonderful , very serene atmosphere , to bring up family / kids , public areas are good for relaxation ,ample parking space , spacious living space"
"The apartments are really beautiful. I love my bathroom, closet, and open kitchen/living room. The amenities are great as well. Valet trash service is very convenient. Maintenance service is quick and efficient. I enjoy the security of having an alarm system, and the nest AC is great. I wish the walls were thicker, as I do hear my neighbor every day. I also wish policies were better enforced, as I encounter loose, unleashed dogs every day, and often find cigarette butts littered all over the ground despite this being a “no smoking community”"
"My experience as a resident of the Alexan Exchange community continues to be matchless. Management and maintenance staff are always helpful, friendly and super fun!! Thank you, team, for providing stellar hospitality to this community."
"We absolutely love living here. It truly feels like home, anytime we need anything it is taken care of within 24 hours and we feel safe in our community."
"I enjoy living here at the Alexan. But some things should be addressed. Such as, housekeeping the hallways, the gate is always broken and parking spaces near the apartment are always limited. Other than that, I like living in the Alexan Exchange. The amenities are top notch."
"Overall, I am extremely satisfied with living here. Maintenance is always on point! There are many bees but, not a deal breaker. Management will resolve anything as soon as possible. Maybe if we had more security personnel it would be great!"
"Wonderful apartment with great staff! I wish the balcony is not so close to my neighbors’ but it didn’t bother me that much. The apartment made thorough precaution for COVID-19 and emergencies"
"Apartments are good and staff are very nice. Only complaint is noise from AC unites on the attic/roof that have no proper noise isolation and rent increase for renewal."
"Alexan Exchange goes above and beyond to make their residents feel appreciated, heard, and informed. I live living here! Not to mention it is a beautiful community."
"I have only lived here a month which is the reason for 4 stars. I have found a doggy play group and the staff is very nice and helpful. I moved in during COVID-19 so I’m excited to see what the community has to offer once everything is all over."
"Living here at Alexan Exchange has been a great experience. Maintenance responds quickly to request and the office staff is very helpful. Great community."
"Very satisfied with my decision on picking this complex. The staff and the management have done a great job to keep this complex in a good shape."
"Just had problems with being able to hear my neighbors, but staff and amenities are great. Always helps right away and are willing to work with you"
"The apartment staffs are the best . Excellent job swift decisions in making sure we are all safe especially during this Pandemic. Great experience over all. 5 stars all the way ."
"Overall not so bad. Moved here for the amenities. Without them, the price of these units are very overpriced. Great location if you work at ExxonMobil or HP."
"Amenities are nice. Love layout of apartment. Dog park is watered too often causing it to usually be wet or muddy. Response from office staff is quick."
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