Try Delivery from Jinya Ramen Bar

tonkatsu ramen

Sometimes dining out can be a pain. Crowds, no parking, or having to wait for a reservation can take the glimmer out of a fun night out. Try delivery from Jinya Ramen Bar and skip the hassle. Better still, you can enjoy Jinya Ramen Bar in the comfort of your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Exchange, in Spring, Texas. What could be better than eating your favorite food in your modern dining room? Have your friends over and make a party of it. It all starts when you pick your ideal floorplan. Only at Alexan Exchange can you wrap yourself in luxury apartment features every day. Now is the time to treat yourself.

Try Delivery from Jinya Ramen Bar

Ramen is a special kind of exotic comfort food. Full of natural flavors and exciting spices, good ramen can be hard to find. Now you can your ramen fix delivered right to your door. In their own words, “At JINYA, we give you the ideal palate to customize with an array of traditional toppings and tapas on the side. Choose from pork, chicken or our vegetarian broth, as well as from spinach noodles. Plus, JINYA’s focus on kaizen – the Japanese practice of continuous improvement – means that you’ll always experience the best ramen out there. We’re constantly creating new flavor combinations and challenging our already high standards to continually hone our craft, because we’re crazy about ramen.” What more can you ask for?

Try delivery from Jinya Ramen Bar when you live at Alexan Exchange, luxury apartment homes in Spring, Texas. Start living the life you crave.

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